Brussels, Dublin, 7 June 2016 - Zetes has recently implemented its fully managed mobility solution to Fastway Couriers in Ireland to maximise device uptime and remove the burden of mobile device management from their IT department. The solution includes managed services and a new pool of Honeywell CN51 mobile terminals for Proof of Delivery/Collection. Thanks to the new solution, IT staff are released of the administrative tasks related to device management, and each courier gaining up to 1 hour a day equating to nearly €2 million savings annually.

Ensuring maximum device uptime
Fastway operates in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, and Northern Ireland. The Irish branch comprises of up to 400 Courier Franchisees and Authorised Drivers. Previously, mobile device management was handled in-house by Fastway’s IT department. Should a fault arise with a driver’s terminal, it was shipped to the UK for maintenance, taking up to 2 to 4 weeks before it was returned.  In the absence of  buffer stock, couriers had to resort to paper based run sheets, leading to lost productivity and errors.

To solve the problem, Zetes proposed a fully managed services solution, which includes access to its web portal, user helpdesk support, maintenance, staging, device reconfiguration and dispatch, and a swap- out service. The latter provides the replacement of the faulty hardware on the same day or following day. Also, all drivers have been equipped with the latest generation Honeywell CN51 mobile terminal for parcel pickup and delivery.

Quick adoption of the solution
"Zetes integrated the rollout of our new terminals in just over  a month without  any major disruption to our teams. The IT department is now relieved of all the administrative tasks related to device management and can focus on our other IT projects", explains Danny Hughes, Chief Technology Officer at Fastway Ireland. "As for our couriers, they adopted the new process immediately and quickly appreciated its benefits", concludes Hughes.