The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a massive e-commerce boost fuelling a labour shortage. Product lines that warehouses must store, and deliver, are liable to change in size and shape at a short notice, while the existing shortage of warehouse and industrial space adds more complexity to the equation. Changes in distribution practices; human error delaying deliveries; redundant processes costing time and money; staff attraction and retention within the current inflation landscape – clearly don’t make the situation any easier

A productive and motivated workforce is warehouses’ greatest asset. Finding and retaining the right people, the biggest challenge. A reduced labour market pool combined with the COVID-19 pandemic have had dire consequences for the sector.

Warehouse operators are under more pressure than ever to find ways to boost order fulfilment productivity, with fast, flexible fulfilment solutions being a critical priority. Leadership teams must now evaluate the possibilities offered by collaborative warehouse technologies and automation to bridge the gap and increase efficiencies.