Accurate traceability starts with a correct identification of your products

Correctly mark or labeling your items, boxes and pallets with the right information on their way across the supply chain. You will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Quickly identify items, boxes, pallets, or people
  • Communicate information easily to your host system (EMS/ERP/WMS)
  • Use the collected information to optimise inventories, expeditions, stock management, visitor databases

Industrial A-Z printing solutions

Zetes offers a range of complete printing solutions for the manufacturing,warehousingtransport & logisticsretail, and healthcare sectors. We provide the software, hardware, services and supplies for all of your printing needs, including:

  • Barcode label printing (direct thermal and thermal transfer printers; desktop, semi-industrial and industrial printers, wireless mobile printers, printer applicators)
  • Industrial Print & Apply systems 
  • Printing and encoding RFID tags
  • Printing of badges/cards
  • Labeling software and printer management tools
  • Supplies and accessories 

Selecting the best printing technology

Zetes works with leading manufacturers of printers and labels, such as Zebra, Intermec, and Datamax. Our solutions are hardware agnostic and we always recommend the technology that best fits customer needs, whether that might be barcode applications, RFID labels, or datamatrix coding / marking. As a total solution provider, we will always look for synergies with other data capture technologies for your business.