Parcel tracking software for Postal, Courier, Express and Parcel (CEP) companies

Track and trace parcels, letters and returnable assets

From point of pick up to destination, you need to know that parcels and letters are being delivered efficiently and accurately. Our parcel tracking software provides full visibility and traceability so that you can improve customer service and productivity. Get your deliveries right first time whilst you manage an increasing volume and velocity of parcels. With our parcel tracking software, you can also future-proof your business by offering customers more services whilst reducing the burden on your IT resources.

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The benefits of using our letter and parcel tracking software

When you use our parcel tracking software you can:

  • Eliminate loading, delivery and pick-up errors
  • Manage unplanned pick-up and deliveries
  • Have full track & trace of goods, vehicles, returnable assets and events
  • Communicate with customers instantly on ETA’s, incidents and requests
  • Implement additional value added service at the ‘doorstep’
  • Use flexible charging models and manage payments on delivery
  • Helps customers to pick-up orders or have them delivered anytime and anywhere

Real-time visibility with parcel tracking software


Identify and register all collected goods.

  • Labelling and scanning of parcels, mailbags and mailboxes
  • Registration of what was collected where and when
  • Mobile payment collection
  • Flexible pick-up and drop-off service
Central sorting

Organise dispatch of letters and parcels efficiently.

  • Manual and automated sorting
  • Registration of parcels and postbags
  • Recording of what items are loaded onto what vehicle
  • Tracking of all goods and vehicles
  • Returnable Asset Management
Local sorting

Register and sort incoming and outgoing goods.

  • Registration of incoming carriers
  • Listing and grouping of outgoing parcels
  • Communicating tasks to the right driver
  • Load the correct items on to the relevant vehicle

Record what has been received where, by whom and when.

  • Deliver the right items to the right person on-time
  • Communicate accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Proof of Delivery

Who do we help?

We work with many organisations looking to replace paper based, manual processes with state-of-the-art proof of delivery software. Customers are from a wide range of sectors including national postal organisations, courier express and parcel services (CEPS), manufacturers, retailers and pharma distribution organisations requiring temperature condition monitoring.

As the volume of e-commerce transactions continues to rise, being able to offer this level of service to all our customers for deliveries or returns is a big differentiator for us. Working with Zetes as the software provider and system integrator on this business-critical project has been a very positive experience.
Liam O’Sullivan,
Mails Operations Director, An Post.
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A major challenge for this project was to equip all ParcelShops within a short time frame and to train all the users at the same time. Thanks to the Zetes parcel tracking software we succeeded in doing so.
Jens Minneker,
Director Product Management E-Commerce & Sales, GLS IT Services GmbH
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The size of Zetes' offering was an important determinant; it guarantees the best availability of the mobile infrastructure for our users.
Eva Verhaege,
Senior Project Manager, bpost.
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Future-proof your IT infrastructure

With our scalable retail supply chain solutions portfolio, you can start small but think big by adding functionality as your needs change. You will have no fulfilment disruption and be able to deliver on your omni-channel consumer promise, every time.

Centrally manage your apps and devices

As our software is powered by the MCL Mobility Platform, you can centrally organise and manage apps and devices, regardless of OS system. This saves you time and reduces costs for your IT department.

Benefit from working with a single source provider

Our knowledge and partnerships with all the leading brands of hardware such as Zebra, Honeywell, and Datalogic provides you with the right technology. We can advise on everything from mobile computers and printers to labels, wireless infrastructure and automated shipment inspection.

Have peace of mind with flexible service and support plans

We support you every step of the way. From consultancy, project management and fully managed service provision right through to ancillaries, in-house maintenance and repair services. With international offices providing a local service, you will constantly be able to keep your supply chain running smoothly.

Complete Technology Flexibility

Zetes’ parcel tracking software has been used by major postal, courier and express companies, such as Swiss Post, bPost, An Post, PostNL, DHL, GLS and TNT. We understand the processes required for you to run an efficient and connected supply chain. See our references and discover what we could do to help you.