Eindhoven (the Netherlands), 19 July 2017 - Nightstar Express Hellmann B.V., a logistics services provider based in Benelux, partners again with Zetes to upgrade its existing proof of delivery solution, ZetesChronos. The new solution, to be deployed in the Netherlands and Belgium, provides real-time insight on deliveries both for Nightstar Express Hellmann B.V.’s customers and its back-office. Powered by the MCL™ Mobility Platform, it will sustain business growth as it allows rapid integration of new users and enables Nightstar Express Hellmann B.V. the flexibility to select from a wider choice of equipment with higher specifications, regardless of the operating system.

Visual proof of delivery on night express deliveries

Nightstar Express Hellmann B.V. is part of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, offering night express delivery services in the Benelux, whole of Germany and the UK. Working with Zetes for several years, Nightstar Express Hellmann B.V. is using ZetesChronos as proof of delivery system. Equipped with mobile devices, the drivers scan the packages delivered to prove the goods have been delivered at the right place, at the right time and in the right condition. They can also take pictures in order to avoid potential customer disputes – a crucial feature for deliveries happening during the night. All the information is then sent to the back-office, including the exact unloading point, using GPS.

Stable partner for business growth

Zetes will upgrade the ZetesChronos software and replace the current hardware with Android devices. With the upgrade to the latest version of ZetesChronos, Nightstar Express Hellmann B.V. will also benefit from the MCL™ Mobility Platform, a cloud based platform which enables centralised management of mobile applications, devices and users.

"The POD system is critical for our business and we need to guarantee its continuity and stability," says Christiaan van Driel, IT Manager at Nightstar Express Hellmann B.V.. "The combination of ZetesChronos and the MCL™ Mobility Platform means we are not bound by the operating system and hardware, which therefore facilitates future changes. Zetes has been an excellent strategic partner, enabling and supporting some of our business critical processes for some time now and we are delighted to be working with them again to enable a key part of our growth plan. The solution offers the scalability and flexibility we need to expand our team of drivers, in line with demand and our business growth", concludes Christiaan van Driel.

"ZetesChronos is used by a large number of logistics services providers in Europe to keep customers informed and register deliveries. It is a welcome recognition that Nightstar Express Hellmann B.V. chose us again as supply chain technology partner to support them in their future projects," comments Paul Lankhout, Country Manager of Zetes in the Netherlands.

“The solution offers the scalability and flexibility we need to expand our team of drivers, in line with demand and our business growth.”

Christiaan van Driel, IT Manager, Nightstar Express Hellmann B.V.

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