Robots móviles autónomos

Una solución que se implanta con rapidez y ofrece múltiples aplicaciones a través de una única plataforma en la nube. Esta plataforma, que ofrece una gran flexibilidad y escalabilidad, proporciona un conjunto integral de funciones para encontrar, controlar y trasladar material —desde piezas unitarias hasta palés— en almacenes, fábricas y centros de distribución.

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What are autonomous mobile robots (AMR’s)?

Autonomous mobile robots work collaboratively with warehouse operatives, whether that is moving stock during picking, retrieving replenishment or transferring bulk stock.

They transport batches to the next stage of processing, allowing workers to move on to their next task.

Movement-related capabilities include pallet movement, carts, movement of shelving and racking, and many other material movement tasks within the warehouse.

  • Operating autonomously, AMR’s do not need a specialised infrastructure to work. They operate seamlessly within an existing warehouse layout without major disruption to existing operations.
  • On-board sensors, maps, and processing systems allow them to plan routes and adapt dynamically to changes in their surroundings.
  • AMRs can move stock within a warehouse or between facilities. They can also perform routine tasks such as inventory counting.

Now is the time to consider AMR’s for your logistics and warehouse operation

Warehouse operators are under more pressure than ever before to keep up with picking, packing, shipping and other critical logistical activities.

And, with ecommerce and direct delivery trends set to continue rising, finding ways to boost order fulfilment productivity is becoming a priority.

Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) are one of the latest technologies that integrate with ZetesMedea to enable busy warehouse operations to process more orders, increase capacity and maintain customer satisfaction. 


Los operarios de los almacenes están más presionados que nunca para tramitar los pedidos de forma eficiente, por lo que contar con soluciones de ejecución rápidas y flexibles es una prioridad fundamental. Los equipos directivos deben evaluar las posibilidades que ofrecen las tecnologías colaborativas y los sistemas de automatización para almacenes, si quieren mantener la competitividad y aumentar la eficiencia.

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Productivity - complementing your workforce

Stock material movement is often a repetitive, time-consuming, and non-value added task.

AMR’s free up critical workers in busy production and warehouse environments, such as order pickers, to focus on higher added value processes which increase throughput and quality.

AMR’s can operate for long periods without needing to charge and will autonomously return to a charging station without the need to dedicate manpower to basic daily maintenance.

Flexibility - scale without constraints

Many smaller, regional warehouse operations typically cannot disrupt operations to deploy new technology.

Neither do they have the capacity to invest in expanding facilities or invest in full-on automation such as conveyor systems.

AMR’s enable a flexible and scalable approach without being constrained by the existing facility layout. They reduce the risks of new technology adoption in addition to optimising the capacity and productivity of the existing workforce, especially during seasonal increases.

According to IDC research:

A lack of labour availability is one of the driving forces behind the push to automate warehousing operations with the support of autonomous mobile robots. The use of autonomous mobile robots enables warehouse operations to scale on-demand, redeploy human workers to more valuable tasks, and reduce the risk related to reliance on short-term seasonal labour.

Workforce safety

In addition, AMR’s can help significantly reduce workplace absence caused by musculoskeletal disorders.

Manual handling is a major cause of these issues. Increased automation of such processes can reduce the burden from warehouse staff, reducing absenteeism and increasing employee morale.

Autonomous mobile robots capable of pallet/bulk movements can reduce the reliance on some forklift movements, improving warehouse-related safety. Because they are not operated by humans,  accidents related to forklift equipment are reduced.

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Autonomous mobile robots free up important logistics workers to increase productivity and focus on higher added value tasks, delivering a fast ROI.
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