Supply Chain Visibility: can you deliver the Perfect Order?

Ensuring accurate, timely order fulfilment is a major challenge in today’s demand-driven, complex supply chains. Knowing the exact status of your goods and being able to take immediate, cost-efficient measures in case of a fulfilment disruption is critical. The ZetesOlympus – Supply Chain Visibility Suite helps you deliver the Perfect Order with an easy to implement approach that starts from your current process execution and legacy systems.

Can your business benefit from Supply Chain Visibility? Do the test.

Supply Chain Visibility Suite at a Glance

The ZetesOlympus Supply Chain Visibility offers manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers real-time operational visibility into events and inventory flows (forward/reverse) across the SC in order to enact the perfect order through near-time corrective action.


Supply chain visibility benefits

  • Inbound/outbound + reverse logistics visibility
  • Planning/Fulfilment execution alignment
  • Share critical data with relevant stakeholders
  • Immediate mitigation of supply chain disruption
  • Operational efficiency

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Our approach

  • Leverage your existing infrastructure & legacy systems
  • Review and optimise your execution processes
  • Integrate the appropriate data capture technology
  • Capture all critical data and events throughout the goods flow
  • Provide easy to use collaboration tools

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Why work with Zetes?

  • We start from your process execution - not technology
  • You need an agile, scalable, easy to use approach
  • Recommended in Gartners’ ‘2016 Market Guide for Supply Chain Visibility’
  • You can rely on 30+ years of supply chain execution expertise
  • International coverage and support

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Download the White Paper "Enter the visible spectrum: 5 key steps to supply chain visibility"


White Paper: 5 key steps to supply chain visibility