Following a rebranding exercise, Zetes' vision technology is now called ImageID (formerly Visidot). All features and functionalities remain valid.

Zetes’ image-based solution now offers even more accurate shipping verification by supporting the GS1 DataBar.

Visidot is Zetes’ image based solution that accurately captures and recognises hundreds of barcodes. The solution now also supports GS1 Databar, a barcode launched by GS1 in early 2010, which is smaller and can store more information than the traditional EAN/UPC barcode.

The GS1 DataBar is particularly useful for identifying small and hard-to-mark items, such as fresh food and pharmaceutical items, as it is able to store additional information such as, serial numbers, lot numbers and expiration dates. Its extended capability perfectly complements the 100% accurate product authentication and traceability solutions offered by Visidot.

Greater efficiency

In a traditional shipping verification process, Visidot matches the identity information of goods being prepared for shipment with the original order, detecting missing or faulty items. Since the GS1 DataBar barcodes store more detailed information, Visidot simultaneously executes several other forms of verification, such as expiration date monitoring, during routine pre-dispatch data capture procedures.

This process guarantees an error-free delivery and ensures that only products of the highest quality are shipped. Whenever Visidot detects a discrepancy, the item’s exact location is visually highlighted, allowing the employee to take immediate action. Additionally, Visidot records an image of each pallet, offering visual evidence of the state the goods were in when they were shipped. These images may be useful in the event of any future query.

Easy upgrade

GS1 DataBar support is included in the new Visidot Reader version 4.5.1. The installed base of Visidot users and Visidot Readers can be easily upgraded to support the GS1 DataBar. Due to the advantages of the GS1 Databar, Zetes expects a growing number of companies that use laser scanners in their logistics operations, to shift to this new identifier. That is why it was essential for Zetes to prepare the Visidot solution to support the GS1 Databar.