Brussels (Belgium), Antony (France), 10 November 2010 - Zetes (Euronext Brussels: ZTS), the European leader in automatic identification solutions and services for goods and people, announces that leading French retailer Système U is now running its voice solution 3iV Crystal, based on MCL-Voice, also on Motorola’s VOW and WT4090. Two distribution centres of Système U Sud (South) are using the voice solution to optimise voice picking, cross-docking and inventory operations.  

  • Voice-driven and multimodal picking, cross-docking and inventory processes
  • Better response to seasonality thanks to untrained voice system
  • 2 distribution centres of Système U Sud run 3iV Crystal on Motorola VOW (Voice Only Wearable) and WT4090

Système U, one of Zetes’ very first voice customers, took this decision in order to better deal with the strong seasonality that characterises their business in the south. Making use of an untrained system (meaning users do not need to register their individual voice profile), new or interim operators are up and running in no time, which delivers important benefits in peak time periods. This feature of the system is made possible thanks to the use of MCL-Voice, developed by MCL Technologies, a division of Zetes.

In addition, Système U Sud required a multimodal solution to optimise their inventory operations. All operations now run 3iV Crystal on terminals of the same family, which increases the ease of use for the operators and facilitates the management of the fleet. The solution is integrated with the WMS Infolog of the Generix Group, a longstanding partner of the Zetes Group. In total, around 300 operators work daily with the voice system in the two DCs.

Charles Chelayfa, IT Production Manager at Système U Sud says: "As one of the pioneers in the French voice market, we are very familiar with the important benefits in terms of productivity and accuracy that voice technology brings. The decision to run our existing voice solution on a new type of terminal is the result of our continuous search for innovation and optimisation of the work processes. For many years now, Zetes been has our partner to implement projects of this type and we are once again very happy with the solution proposed and the levels of service and support delivered."

Alain Wirtz, CEO of Zetes Group says: “We are glad to see one of the first voice customers in France continuing to reap the benefits of our voice solution and the latest evolutions in the market. This project also underlines the importance of the 3iV Crystal philosophy of ‘freedom of choice’: we offer freedom of choice in terms of applications, hardware platforms, environments, and operating systems. This allows us to continue to evolve with our customers and assist them at all times with a solution that is, thanks to MCL Voice, completely our own and adapted to their specific requirements.”


Zetes’ voice solution 3iV Crystal has been used in the distribution centres of the Système U Group since 2003. Every day more than 1000 operators are guided by the system.  

Following a rebranding exercise, Zetes’ logistics execution solution using voice technology is now called ZetesMedea Voice (formerly 3iV Crystal). All features and functionalities remain valid.