Nordborg (Denmark), 14 December 2021 – Danfoss – global leader in the development and production of energy efficient solutions, continues its collaboration with supply chain specialist Zetes and extends the use of ZetesMedea automated loading verification solution within the Danfoss Group.

Back in 2015, Danfoss implemented ZetesMedea loading verification solution at their main warehouse in Roedekro to eradicate shipping errors and reduce costs. The new automated processes would enable an efficient way of controlling vehicle loading, and as a result errors were eliminated immediately, processes streamlined and Danfoss saw a full return on investment within one year. For this reason, Danfoss has made the decision to roll-out and deploy Zetes unique ImageID technology at additional sites, starting with the warehouse in Nordborg.

Proven 100% loading and despatch accuracy

Prior to implementing ZetesMedea, the vehicle loading verification process was manually intensive and time consuming, requiring large amounts of paperwork to check goods off for loading and onwards transport. Since using ZetesMedea loading verification solution, Danfoss has improved logistics workflows by enabling a rapid processing of orders for dispatch with 100% accuracy, as a result of errors being removed at the point of loading.

”We are continuing our collaboration with Zetes for this new project after their excellent track record implementing ZetesMedea loading verification solution at our main warehouse in Roedekro. We’ve been working together since 2015 and they’ve always been very professional. We look forward to explore new possibilities of improvement together”, says Henrik Rosendahl Laursen, Warehouse and Distribution Consultant at Danfoss

Zetes image-based technology for automated data capture has a proven track record across EMEA with installations at some of the largest European companies. The new project at Danfoss will include multiple ImageID control gates, stationed at the loading dock doors for an automatic validation of all pallets leaving the facility.

Automated, camera based verification

ImageID is a unique camera-based technology within ZetesMedea warehouse execution solution that helps companies to stay in control of both inbound and outbound logistics. Based on this technology, Zetes’ loading verification solution enables Danfoss to automatically analyse and detect pallet labels to ensure 100% shipping accuracy. It compares the barcode information to shipping orders and gives Danfoss real-time visual alerts about any discrepancy as well as missing or unreadable labels. In addition to reducing loading times and increasing efficiency, the systems stores digital images for proof of delivery and can easily be retrieved in case of questions or customer dispute.

Considering extending the use of ZetesMedea

Besides deploying Zetes’ camera-based solution for their outbound processes, Danfoss is also reviewing using ZetesMedea to address other operational challenges. The warehouse execution system (WES) offers functionality via a range of modules, enabling organisations to scale based on the requirements of the operation. The possible extension of the project will include Zetes managing and supporting Danfoss in additional warehouse processes.

”It´s great when global companies like Danfoss see and experience the value our solution creates for them and furthermore shows trust to implement the same solution at other facilities. This is what we strive for every day – to become the supplier of choice for our customers. I'm looking forward to implement our ImageID technology at the Nordborg site and at the same time also a step towards a greater partnership with Danfoss,” says Asif Akhtar, Sales Manager at Zetes Denmark.