Meat producer Campofrío verifies thousands of shipments every day with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency, all thanks to Visidot.

Hundreds of pallets. Several thousand crates. Each and every day. Spain’s leading meat producer, Campofrío had a lot to gain by replacing their manual scanning process by Visidot: the no. 1 automated shipment verification solution. As a result, verification times have been dramatically reduced, as have shipping errors, for significant gains in efficiency and productivity.

Scanning and analysing up to 96 crates at a time

Campofrío’ s fresh produce plant in Burgos ships thousands of crates of produce each and every day. Manual checks carried out on shipments via handheld terminals not only wasted valuable time and resources but created bottlenecks which could potentially limit output in times of heavy workload. Thanks to Visidot, however, barcode labels are now simultaneously captured and decoded in an instant, even up to 96 crates at a time.

100% accurate shipments

  • Capture dates are checked against stored order data
  • Real-time alerts are sent in the event of discrepancies
  • Incorrectly stacked pallets are identified by the system
  • 100% accuracy boosts efficiency and customer satisfaction

Specialised implementation

The Visidot solution was developed by Zetes’ ImageID Competence Centre and adapted to integrate seamlessly with Campofrío’s WMS ADAIA and other specific business processes. Santioago Peña, IT Systems Director at Campofrío: “The Zetes team was the key factor in our decision to implement the Visidot solution. They were always on hand to pass on their in-depth knowledge of automatic identification and data capture.”