Dock Door Control

Common loading challenges - sound familiar?

  • Incorrect pallets/roll-carriers/crates are loaded
  • Too many or too few handling units are loaded
  • No visual proof of load/condition available in case of customer claims
  • Handling units ‘disappear’ on the road
  • Loading is too slow

Avoid them with ZetesMedea DockDoorControl

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How does it work?

Automated, Instant Control

ZetesMedea analyses and detects pallet labels automatically in mere seconds. It is a camera-based solution that makes use of our ImageID vision technology: a camera at the dock door takes images of every pallet/roll carrier/crate that is loaded on to the vehicle. It instantly detects and analyses the barcode in the pallet label and triggers a go/no go signal for the loading operator.  

Solid integration with WMS and ERP systems

Shipping verification is becoming increasingly ERP/WMS-oriented. Zetes’ solutions ensure seamless integration with various ERP and WMS systems, including SAP. It enables you to easily retrieve order information from back-end systems and compare it to the actual contents of a pallet that is to be shipped.

From Perfect Order to Perfect Delivery

Combine ZetesMedea Dock Door Control with ZetesMedea Voice and the ZetesChronos Proof of Delivery solution to ensure 100% accuracy and traceability from the warehouse all the way through to the store/customer. 

Your benefits

faster loading

Increased Productivity - Faster loading

  • Automated process instead of manual control.
  • Different operators can load the same truck at the same time
  • Barcodes are detected in motion, no impact on the operator’s loading procedure
100% control rate

Tracking - 100% control rate

  • Every pallet passing the gate is checked
  • Access to the truck is granted based on barcode information on the pallets label
  • The operator is controlled
less customer claims

Less customer claims & disputes

  • Picture provide visual proof of load/condition
  • Pictures are stored in a cloud based Image Bank that can be shared with customers
  • Traceability of loading process
easy to use

No human interaction - Easy to use

  • No complicated PDA scenario, no training required
  • A go/no go signal prevents operators accessing the truck with the wrong pallet
real time confirmation

Real-time confirmation

  • Logical loading = Physical loading
  • One step loading and expedition


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