How ZetesAtlas works

zetesAtlas pyramid

Linking the information system to your packaging processes

  • ZetesAtlas is a packaging execution system that operates as the single bridge between your information system and the packaging line
  • It is based on a closed information loop between ERP, site management and identification systems
  • It combines packaging data & process flow management
  • It logs and stores all human and machine production events
atlas turnbelt

Central management of the entire packaging process 

ZetesAtlas steers all levels of the packaging identification process:

  • Devices & peripherals: scanners, cameras, printers
  • Identification systems: coding systems, print & apply systems, labelling system
  • Other systems such as shrink wrappers or weighing scales 

Secure data-management – Unique Database 

  • Data is defined at one point & shared throughout ZetesAtlas network up to stations
  • You manage master & process ID data at batch/item level
    • Master data managed by the host system  (ERP, ZetesAtlas)
    • Process data is managed by ZetesAtlas
items box pallet

Operates at all levels: item, box & pallet 

  • Coding, labelling, inspection & data recording at any level: item - box - pallet
  • Serialisation & data-aggregation enable end-to-end traceability
  • Provides reliable and ready to use data for logistic & financial operations efficiency 
put an end to multiples interfaces

Puts an end to multiple interfaces

ZetesAtlas has a unique human-machine interface (HMI) that centralises server synchronisation, batch declaration assistance, exploitation and supervision operations.

Visibility and traceability reports 

ZetesAtlas supervises all events on all lines and all sites.

  • Site performance reports give real-time insight in what is happening on the lines, across different sites
  • Traceability reports build the foundation for traceability further down the line


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