ZetesMedea Voice: Low risk, high impact voice picking

Choosing ZetesMedea Voice to optimise picking or other key logistics processes is a safe choice. It has been the leading voice solution in the EMEA market for more than 10 years, and our voice experts are committed to keeping it that way.
Our promise: giving you the business impact and customer service that no other voice provider can give you:

1. The greatest flexibility

ZetesMedea voice picking is the only solution on the market that:

  • Runs on all industry leading mobile (voice) devices
  • Offers a trained/speaker dependent  and untrained/speaker independent approach
  • Supports both voice-only and fully multi-modal operations
  • Plugs into any leading WMS/ERP system (including SAP)

Learn more about the benefits of this technology advantage from ZetesMedea Voice

2. Fastest access to the latest innovations

Based on customer feedback and our accumulated expertise, we continuously examine new opportunities to enhance our voice solution. We combine it with other technologies and peripherals to boost productivity and reduce errors:

  • Integration of colour codes check digits at retailer (Système U, France, Video, 0m37s):


  • Integration with automated guided vehicles (Marktauf, Germany. Video, 0m55s):


  • Voice picking to automated carousels (VisionLab, Belgium. Video, 5m01s):

3. Proven solution

When we say we are the market leader, we mean it. Our installed base covers 60% of the EMEA voice market, with over 150.000 users, 1000 projects, implementations in +20 countries.

Customers are using ZetesMedea Voice in operations across EMEA, some even across continents: discover how Diá (Carrefour Group) implements Zetes’ voice solution in 3 continents.

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4. Expert service at your doorstep

Zetes is probably the only supply chain specialist whose expert voice teams are physically present in nearly all European countries. Our direct presence gives you access to immediate service and support across the EMEA region.

Discover our Zetes offices network across 16 countries

5. Consultative approach

Zetes has been developing and implementing its voice solution since the early introduction of voice technology in logistics. This experience allows us to adopt a consultative approach with our customers: we analyse their processes and advise on the best approach.

Read how Zetes is Carrefour’s leading voice provider and is part of its ‘Cercle d’utilisateurs’, a think tank dedicated to optimizing logistics operations