Why Voice - Improve your warehouse with voice picking

Order picking is by far the most costly operation in the warehouse. With voice picking, operators communicate through a voice terminal and headset with the host system, to receive and confirm picking instructions in real-time. It yields benefits such as productivity increases of 20% and more, and accuracy levels up to 99,9%.

See how Voice works in action (Système U Sud, France. Video, 1m:56s):

1. Achieve 99,9% accuracy

Attaining an accuracy rate of 99.9% with voice picking is not exceptional. Voice picking reduces errors dramatically, because it: 

Minimises opportunities to make picking errors
Intercepts errors at the exact moment when they make them
Allows operators to report anomalies in real time and get instant help or instructions on the situation at hand

How operators can correct errors on the fly (Système U Sud, France. Video, 0:37s):

2. Pick faster

Voice picking is faster than paper-based picking (+/- 10-15%) and Radio Frequency (RF) picking (+/- 15%-25%). It requires less training time and with its natural user-interface and hands-free operation operators work more efficiently. With online data integration, back-office administration becomes significantly eased.


Side-by-side video on how voice picking is faster than paper-based picking (video, 1m:26s):

3. Get more insight in your business

ZetesMedea Voice's reporting tool gives you real-time visibility on your processes and allows you to accurately measure results. So you can take the right decisions to improve your business.

4. Increase operator motivation and satisfaction

Operators receive and confirm orders using the most natural interface while keeping their hands and eyes free to handle products. Ergonomics and worker safety increase, while absence ratios and recruitment costs go down.

"It’s easy to learn, and very convenient, because it leaves your hands free"
Rosalia Fernandez, Operator Visionlab