Wireless Networking

Implementing the right type of wireless infrastructure allows you to set-up mobile solutions within the manufacturing plant, warehouse or in store. The advantages of going wireless Visibility: real time communication with WMS and ERP allows for a better view on stock movements Security: the security levels applied to... more


Accurate traceability starts with a correct identification of your products Correctly mark or labeling your items, boxes and pallets with the right information on their way across the supply chain. You will enjoy the following benefits: Quickly identify items, boxes, pallets, or people Communicate information easily... more

Print & Apply

Zetes designs and produces a wide range of printing and labelling applications. These can be either standard or customised. Take a look at our products: Labelling Solutions Do you wish to speed up the labelling of your products? Zetes Labelling solutions apply fast and highly accurate labels to any... more


Whether it is goods temperature control or pallet loading control, RFID can help you optimise a wide range of processes. Based on your needs, our specialists will advise you on the best fit solutions that may integrate RFID only, or that may combine it with other technologies. In some cases, ImageID (Vision technology) can... more


Optimise your logistics processes with barcode data collection Barcode data collection systems provide sizeable benefits for your business. With a barcode data collection solution, capturing data is faster and more accurate, costs are lower, errors are minimized, and managing inventory is much easier. Barcode systems from... more


Capture and detect hundreds of barcodes in mere seconds In certain environments, such as the fresh food sector, ensuring that shipments are 100% accurate is crucial. RFID can solve some accuracy issues, but it is not always the best solution. Vision technology, processed by Zetes’ ImageID, allows you to capture an unlimited... more

Voice technology

Voice picking and more Voice solutions are well established in logistics, especially for improving order picking processes. Our next generation voice solution ZetesMedea Voice offers new opportunities and advantages, with lower Total Cost of Ownership.   Your benefits Order picking is costly. How does... more