Efficient logistics, zero errors in the connected warehouse

Ensure the Perfect Order

The complexities of an extended supply chain make the odds against fulfilling a perfect order overwhelming. Your warehouse processes are playing a key role in this. The ZetesMedea logistics execution solution helps you optimise the logistics processes between the four walls of your warehouse. It extends ERP functionalities and brings advanced agile functionalities to warehouse management systems that help you reduce picking errors, achieve 100% shipping accuracy, optimise inventory, and ensure traceability from goods in to goods out. 

Logistics execution

Logistics execution 

Can you avoid these common challenges?

  • Incorrect or late deliveries
  • Incapacity to handle last minute order requests
  • Un-optimised stock levels
  • No visibility on performance
  • No traceability

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Voice picking

Voice picking 

Boost your operations with the n° 1 voice solution in EMEA

  • Optimise your order picking, cross-docking, inventory, pick and pack… operations
  • Faster training, multi-modal approach
  • Hardware independent
  • Used by +150.000 users, in more than 1500 projects across EMEA

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Dock Door Control

Dock Door Control

Avoid time-consuming, inaccurate pallet loading

  • Eliminate errors with automated, instant pallet control
  • Reduce loading and quality control time
  • Avoid costly claims and returns
  • Easy to use, no training 

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What they're saying about ZetesMedea

Constant use of the barcode reader slowed down the picking process. With the implementation of voice technology, Merck has realised some important benefits: we have optimised the procedures, increased productivity, improved operator satisfaction, reduced the error rate, and improved planning.
It was important to identify a supplier able to deliver and support our solution.
Morrisons Gary Barr, IT Director
Of great importance to DHL when centralising this process, is to preserve the local approach taken by each of the international DHL branches. A partner able to offer an extended geographical presence is therefore particularly valuable. By taking this approach, we don’t neglect the couleur locale. Centralised and worldwide decisions for auto-ID implementations can be taken, but can be filled-in by DHL and Zetes subsidiaries locally in order to gain more local involvement and acceptance.
Thanks to Zetes Medea, pick error rates were reduced by 60 % and picking performance has improved by 15-20 %.”
Norma Reinhard Gräffe, site manager Rossau
We saw results in the 3rd month, both in terms of quality – with a noticeable reduction in the number of errors - and productivity. In particular, we saved time by cutting back administrative tasks that would interrupt core tasks. Also, the pickers’ enthusiasm and real desire to progress with the new system greatly contributed to the overall increase in productivity. Both our staff and the technology they use daily need to be versatile.
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