What is in the report?

Zetes recently conducted a study focusing on consumers behaviour during seasonal peaks and retailers’ capabilities to answer their demands. Results reveal retailers are missing very significant sales opportunities: up to 35% of consumers’ peak season planned spend is lost due to items being unavailable.

Other key findings include:


  • Price and promotion management is key: 40% of consumers had issues with a promotion during peaks, and of those, 45% decided not to buy the product.
  • Lack of real-time visibility: 62% of retailers have no real-time information on product availability; and 72% are unable to alert their customers in case of an order fulfilment/delivery issue.
  • Managing returns is still a challenge: consumers are 22% more likely to buy items with a view to return them, yet, about 25% of retailers admit it is a hassle for them to process returns during peaks.
  • Poorly informed store staff: 47% of store assistants still need to go to the back of the store to check if an item is in stock, breaking customer engagement.