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Are you looking for new ways to increase productivity and eliminate bottlenecks in your internal logistics? Explore the interactive Manufacturing Facility to find solutions and technologies for the most common sources of inefficiency in manufacturing today!
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Modernize logistics and eliminate inefficiency

Our interactive Smart Factory presents technology that optimizes critical processes, including packaging identification and labeling, compliance, inventory management, and asset tracking. Get an overview of the scalable solutions that will increase performance and prepare you for new directives and customer requirements.

With digital technology at every touchpoint, the smart factory enables:

  • Increased labor productivity through collaborative technology
  • Agile and cost-effective decision making
  • Traceability for orders, products, and assets
  • Maximum accuracy in picking, faster delivery, and zero shipping errors
  • Improved waste management
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Implementing efficient inventory counting capabilities

Prevents human error, inventory manipulation and downtime.

Performing cycle counts are essential, however manually counting takes time as well as a lot of resources. Zetes inventory solutions allows you to check the system stock levels with the physical stock levels to make sure that planned actions (based on system stock) can be fulfilled completely. It helps you to count stock faster and manage your inventory in real-time, while keeping an accurate count and location of everything in your warehouse.

Your benefits:

  • Rapid inventory checking process
  • Count combined with other processes
  • Increased stock accuracy
  • Avoid wasting time looking for items
  • No need for holding extra inventory as a safety net against inaccurate numbers

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Intelligent, agile process execution for today and tomorrow

Smart factories are at the core of Industry 4.0 where a real-time connection between the supply chain and the production line is critical to meet challenging customer demands for quality, authenticity, speed and customisation.

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Packaging Execution

Identify, serialize, trace

ZetesAtlas is a packaging execution system that provides quick and easy identification, serialization and aggregation on even the most demanding packaging lines. The system provides quick and easy access to product identification and provides full traceability. This ensures you are compliant with current and upcoming regulations, such as the Falsified Medicine Directive (FMD) and UDI. It also helps you combat counterfeiting and secure your production and distribution channels.

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Asset & Material Tracking

Ensure components and assets are available when and where they are needed.

  • Reduce production downtime looking for misplaced items.
  • Reduce asset loss and generate alerts when items leave designated areas.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure full track and trace compliance

Compliance for regulatory directives requiring serialisation, verification and decommissioning.

Tobacco Compliance Falsified Medicines Directive


Putting goods in the right place ensures other warehouse processes run smoothly. When you use ZetesMedea, goods will always be in the right place to maximise customer satisfaction and production uptime. Your team will receive system instructions such as where to put goods and the quickest way to do this. The technology allows for more accuracy with barcode scanning, voice and put-to-light. There are many benefits for your inbound logistics including: 

  • Shorter receipt-to-stock cycle times.
  • Better inventory visibility, availability and accuracy.
  • Confidence that incoming goods are stored in the right location, every single time.
  • Higher warehouse worker productivity as more goods can be put away in less time.
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Improve Staff Communications and Management

Gain complete operational control over the order fulfillment journey from goods receipt to shipments

With ZetesMedea Management Dashboard, managers can access all business systems and workers at the push of a button. The back-office module provides real-time status information regarding key inbound/outbound processes and events can easily be shared amongst key internal and external stakeholders to aid collaboration. This enables you to make changes straightaway and avoid disruption. Information is presented in detailed reports on your tablet, smartphone and desktop.

With ZetesMedea Management Dashboard you will achieve:

  • Real-time visibility of tasks
  • Real-time visibility of performance
  • Audit trail for product traceability
  • Proactive management
  • Operational control

Order picking

Quicker and error free order picking

Managing warehouse logistics has become more challenging over recent years with the growing complexity of supply chains and the introduction of omnichannel and e-commerce orders. For your orders to be delivered on-time and in full, you need to have detailed warehouse processes. You can help your workers by providing them with a mobile order picking solution which helps streamline fulfilment.

ZetesMedea allows you to mix and match technology for all order picking methods including batch picking, multi-order picking, wave picking, zone picking and pick by line. Your operators will prepare orders fasters and without errors, so you can meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs), deliver on-time and mange unplanned deliveries, even during busy periods.

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Shipping Verification

Faster shipping with 100% evidence based accuracy

With the ZetesMedea Shipping Verification solution, you will know that the correct items are being loaded onto the right pallet or carrier. It also takes into consideration weight limits so your items are stacked in the correct location for ease of delivery. All products will have barcode labels which can be machine-read so you know exact location of your items at all time.

Incorporating Zetes’ unique camera based ImageID technology, the solution dramatically reduces the entire shipping verification process time, with 100% accuracy and no human errors or additional tag costs. It achieves this through capturing a full view of the loaded pallets, rapidly detecting and decoding their multiple barcodes simultaneously. Instantaneously, it compares the barcode data to shipping orders providing the operators with real-time visual alerts about any discrepancy as well as pinpointing missing or unreadable labels. Digital images are stored for visual evidence.

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