Supply Chain Visibility Software

Have complete visibility in a connected supply chain

Manufacturers and consumers are demanding accurate information, faster delivery and low-cost shipping. How do you meet these demands and ensure your business is always running smoothly? You need to manage your supply chain efficiently so you know the exact status of your goods and are able to act immediately to prevent any fulfilment disruption. Zetes’ supply chain visibility software provides you with an accurate picture of what’s happening throughout your operation, facilitating collaboration between all your stakeholders. It gives you complete control to ensure maximum production uptime and perfect order fulfilment.

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Real-time visibility across your delivery process

Warehouse fulfilment
Perfect Order Rate
  • Improved on-time-in-full (OTIF) achievement.
  • Less downtime and variances in lead time.
  • Increase in sales due to fewer stock-outs.
  • Easy to re-route or re-allocate products.
Truck Loading
A Connected Network
  • A seamless network without silos.
  • Closed loop between supply chain planning and inbound and outbound execution.
  • Run a fully connected supply chain.
Proof of delivery
Real-time KPI Tracking & Disruption Alerts
  • Accurate data improves operational intelligence and performance.
  • Proactive alerts allow you to provide an early response to potential and actual disruption.
  • Improved supplier/carrier performance.
Returnable Asset Management
Reduce Costs
  • Less buffer inventory needed.
  • Reduction in non-compliance costs and less disruption remedial costs (DC labour, shipping, 3PL fees, call centre).
  • More efficient use of your own and contracted logistics services.
  • Faster resolution of disputes and outstanding payments

Software for End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

ZetesZeus is a cloud based software solution which gives you visibility and control over yours and partner operations.

Whether you’re looking for accurate fulfilment or to keep Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing lines running without disruption, it is vital you know the exact status of all critical logistics activities.

Create a co-ordinated view of your supply chain

With ZetesZeus, you can break down data silos and create one complete picture which connects all critical partners within your supply chain network.

You will achieve this without re-engineering any existing systems such as ERP’s, WMS’s and TMS’s. You can access large volumes of data from your own systems, or those of your partners, and view in easy to use dashboards.

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"By using one system across all of our stakeholders, we’re running a much tighter, more agile network and we have really found that collaboration with suppliers has increased."

Lee Warner – Head of Fresh Food Supply Chain Development Marks & Spencer

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Why choose ZetesZeus for end-to-end supply chain visibility?

Agile Control for
Continuous Improvement

  • With full visibility and control, you will improve services and remove events which could have negative impact on your business.

Brand and
Consumer Protection

  • Having complete ownership allows you to identify and authenticate your products at any time and any point within the supply chain.

Collaborative Interface

  • The data platform can be customised with shared dashboards and real-time alerts for any stakeholders. This includes suppliers, third party logistics, legal entities and consumers

Flexible Cloud-Based
Data Hub

  • Any supply chain data, quantity, value or attribute can be captured within ZetesZeus.
  • Data is recorded and secure for real-time and historical visibility.
  • No re-engineering of your existing systems is required to gather the data

Why work with us?

Zetes is a specialist supply chain execution and visibility solution provider with over 30 years’ experience.

With international coverage from over 30 offices we will provide the best support and quickest response possible.

  • Our traceability and visibility solutions are trusted by leading manufacturers and retailers such as EPC Group, Sanofi and Azcar.
  • Our portfolio of supply chain solutions improves all processes from production to the warehouse to the store
    • Visibility platform (ZetesZeus)
    • Packaging/product identification (ZetesAtlas)
    • Warehouse process execution (ZetesMedea)
    • Logistics/delivery execution (ZetesChronos)
    • Retail (dealer) supply chain execution (ZetesMedea/ZetesAthena)
  • We are a single source provider with full project lifecycle capabilities including:
    • Business process consulting
    • Design & realisation (in-house R&D, development and configuration)
    • Technology and systems integration
    • Supply and support
    • Deployment/installation
    • Programme/project management, help desk & support services

How do we manage a supply chain visibility project with you?

Our approach to helping our clients is tailored to your specific requirements but will typically include:

  • Workshops designed to map critical stakeholder requirements.
  • A full review of end-to-end supply chain visibility processes and gap analysis of supply chain stakeholder processes.
  • Selection of appropriate data capture technologies including barcode, RFID, machine vision and IoT sensors.
  • Supplier on-boarding programmes.
  • Full implementation, testing and support.