• Asset tracking

    5 ways to save on production costs thanks to asset tracking

  • Omni-channel stock accuracy

    How to guarantee a fulfilling customer experience for today’s omni-channel shopper?

  • Flawless Packaging Execution

    How to secure, manage and control your packaging execution? See in 2 minutes how ZetesAtlas will help you.

  • Collaborative Supply Chain

    Connecting what matters is at the heart of our business: We unify the entire Supply chain for consumers and corporations.

  • Mobile Application Management

    Develop, deploy and manage mobile applications faster and easier? Future-proof mobile infrastructure?


Annual Report & Investors

Zetes 2011 Annual Report in web, pdf and interactive versions

Discover the Annual Report 2013, Key Figures, Director's report, Financial information, Zetes in 2013, Our Strategy, Our Activities,...

To AR 2013 pages

Case studies & references

Case studies

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People ID

Zetes Passport Terminals & Services for Governments & Organisations

Citizen identification solutions for states and governments, help ensure a good view on populations residing on or passing, as well as combat identity theft and counterfeiting.

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Proof of Delivery

Zetes Traceability at An Post in Ireland

ZetesChronos provides maximum real-time visibility on goods movement and field worker activity for your customers' benefit.

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In-Store execution

Retail Scanning solutions

Real-time inventory is a key area where ZetesAthena helps solve shrinkage, walkaways, incomplete inventory, and staff productivity issues.

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Logistics Execution

Zetes Voice picking at Système U in France

With ZetesMedea, we can help maximise the operational efficiency of your warehouse processes, from Goods-In to the Dock Door.

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Direct Store Delivery

Retail Scanning solutions

ZetesAres enables consumer goods suppliers to use Direct Store Delivery (“DSD”) processes, and guarantee that their products are in stock, on the shelf, in the right mix, correctly priced and displayed.

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