Pharma & Healthcare

Protect your pharma supply chain From the point of manufacture to the pharmacy, Zetes’ supply chain solutions help you combat counterfeiting comply with identification, data-aggregation and traceability regulations secure your distribution channels: achieve tight delivery times;  trace and fight... more

Warehouse & Distribution

Boost warehouse productivity and efficiency Warehouse operations are key to ensuring timely and correct order fulfilment, yet these processes are often costly and time-consuming. Technologies such as Vision, RF Scanning, RFID and Voice can extend ERP functionalities and bring advanced agile functionalities to warehouse... more


Avoid customer walk-aways and lost sales With so many conceivable paths to purchase and fulfilment available to today’s shopper, agile supply chain processes are key to ensuring that the right goods are always available in the right place at the right time. Zetes’ supply chain solutions suite help you to remove silos... more


Optimise visibility of your work in progress You produce many varieties of products. You manage large inventories. You deal with various partners and suppliers. And you need to comply with the latest quality standards and regulations. Across your manufacturing supply chain, we help you streamline your processes for... more

Transport & Logistics

The right product at the right place, at optimal cost What if you could reduce truck turn around times and guarantee timely shipments to your customers? What if you could speed up the loading processes and remove shipping errors with 100% accuracy. What if you could provide customer service that makes you stand apart... more


Accuracy and agility across your supply chain Just-in-time deliveries to the assembly line are key. So are fast deliveries to wholesalers or end customers. Ensure quality in your operations whilst operating at a competitive speed, with our solutions for the automotive industry   Mark, identify and... more

Postal & Courier

Delivery times are tight, customer expectations are high. You need to provide real-time visibility whilst keeping costs down to be competitive. Let us help you make the difference.   Ensure correct fulfilment in the warehouse Efficient sorting and dispatching of packages and pallets Error-... more

Food & Beverages

Secure your production, protect your distribution Track & label in line with industry standards Mark or label all shapes and volumes: individual food products, packaged food, bottles, cans, bags, trays, boxes, pallets Comply with identification standards and regulations Serialisation, Track &... more