Brussels (Belgium), Paris (France), 27 September 2012 - Tereos Syral is one of Europe’s largest producers of starch products and its business is expanding rapidly. To sustain growth levels and support  increased interest from customers for information on product quality and origins, the company engaged Zetes to deploy an international track and trace solution.

  • Food products are tracked from manufacture to shipping using traceability solution developed and integrated by Zetes
  • Single technology solution implemented across all European manufacturing operations for consistency
  • Direct integration with SAP

Now implemented in France, Belgium and Spain, Zetes’ traceability solution allows Tereos Syral to improve internal resource management and ensure compliance with the strict quality and safety standards set by industry regulators.

Tereos Syral’s traceability solution includes:

  • Zetes Scimari PES execution and traceability software directly integrated to Tereos Syral’s central SAP system, to configure, manage and monitor mobile devices in use.
  • Zetes MD automated labelling (print & apply) systems
  • Zetes Visidot visual identification system
  • RF readers
  • Zetes IND vehicle mounted, touch screen terminals

Traceability under control, from production to shipping

Tereos Syral processes cereals into a wide range of starch-based products used by the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and paper-board industries. Once in powder form, products manufactured by Tereos Syral are packed into bags of between 25 kg and 1000 kg from a central filling area.

After filling, each logistics unit receives a Datamatrix identifier, allowing bags of products to be recognised during internal processing stages. Labels are then applied by Zetes’ automated MD print & apply systems or manually, depending on the type of bag used.

Eventually, logistics units converge at the inspection and filming area, whereVisidot captures and verifies individual product label codes. Product information is controlled and processed by Scimari PES and sent to the automatic applicator responsible for applying the final label prior to shipping.

Pallet trucks, each equipped with an onboard Zetes IND terminal communicating in real time with Scimari PES, receive a loading order. All pallets recovered are read at the point of collection by a reader attached to each carriage and tracked to the truck loading number. Once a truck is filled, the loading number is confirmed by the driver using the onboard IND terminal. All data captured is processed by the execution software, updated in SAP and sent onto the next stakeholder in the supply chain, thus informing customers of the exact contents within each shipment in advance.

A total traceability solution from Zetes

Developed by the Zetes Group, Scimari execution software enables all devices involved in identifying, reading and controlling logistics units to be configured, managed and monitored. The print & apply systems, vehicle (or truck) mounted terminals and the deployed by Tereos Syral were also developed by Zetes.

Alain Wirtz, CEO of Zetes, comments, "We have invested heavily in developing proven traceability technologies in recent years, both internally and through acquisitions. As our work with Tereos Syral illustrates, Zetes has an expanded product offering and can address all traceability issues right across the supply chain. This means our clients benefit from a comprehensive, fully integrated traceability solution, which can delivered by a single, pan European supplier.”

Simplified management

"In addition to having operations throughout Europe, two other factors led us to engage Zetes for this project," explains Christian Imhoff, IT Consultant. "A single point of contact allows us to reduce the number of items we had to deal with during the installation phase. Moreover, the Scimari PES platform has an open architecture as a native feature, which ensures it has a long term future and can evolve along with the rest of our business operations," concludes Mr. Imhoff.


Following a rebranding exercise, Zetes' packaging execution solution is now called ZetesAtlas (formerly Scimari PES in France) and Zetes' vision technology is now called ImageID (formerly Visidot). All features and functionalities remain valid.