Brussels (Belgium), 15th November 2011 - TotalCare is a web-based solution for the administration of Auto-ID infrastructure (mobile equipment, printers), including maintenance and repair. Using Zetes TotalCare, companies across Europe can efficiently manage the purchase of new mobile equipment and tightly control their existing estate of mobile terminals.

  • A web-based solution for the administration of Auto-ID infrastructure
  • Assures customers of 100-percent transparency, IT availability, optimised repair cycles as well as flexible remote maintenance and cost efficiency
  • Rationalisation of purchasing, especially for multinational companies

Zetes’ service platform comprises four modules: “Asset Management”, “Online Shoppinglist”, “Mobile Device Management”, and “Reporting”. Its use assures customers of 100-percent transparency, IT availability regardless of location, optimised repair cycles, flexible remote maintenance and cost efficient process and device management.

Asset management – highest availability in every location

This module ensures better administration of the equipment pool through complete transparency of all device movements. Malfunctions can be reported and, after the problem is analysed, TotalCare proposes the next step, e.g. returning a device to the repair centre. Its maintenance or repair status is then closely monitored in order to prevent expensive downtimes. The online tool also ensures administrative efforts involved are dramatically reduced.

Online Shoppinglist – smarter purchasing

With TotalCare, multinational groups can rationalise purchasing by giving local subsidiaries the option to buy new mobile devices as well as accessories from a predefined list. Online purchases are centrally administered with delivery and invoicing occurring on site, thus keeping budgets under control.

Mobile Device Management – avoiding service cases 

Loss of productivity and its associated costs (generally in the three-figure Euro range), incurred due to the long timeframe needed to identify and solve problems affecting a device, can be avoided. Via the Mobile Device Management module, status and availability of devices is monitored remotely. Users have the benefit of real-time transparency to review operating conditions, which makes it possible to recognise and process service requirements more quickly.

Additionally, applications and operating systems can be automatically downloaded or updated directly from the TotalCare portal, which is manufacturer-independent. Devices from leading hardware manufacturers can all be tracked.

Reporting – Making well-targeted decisions 

The reporting tool provides relevant information according to the needs of various users, such as shift supervisors or the CIO. Data evaluations highlight trends within the equipment pool and can be used benchmark different working areas in order to pinpoint efficiency differences.

TotalCare around Europe

As an international system partner for the automobile industry, the Dräxlmaier Group is not only one of the leading developers and producers of innovative on-board network systems, it also possesses extensive interior and logistical competencies. “Dräxlmaier opted for Zetes TotalCare because using the solution makes the RMA processes clearer and more uniform. Likewise, the error rate concerning mistaken orders is reduced thanks to article numbers embedded in the system. Moreover, stock-taking and transfer of equipment to other sites is possible at the press of a button. The portal currently includes mobile devices such as printers, vehicle and hand-held terminals as well as scanners”, confirms Karl-Heinz Scherrer, Shop Floor IT Frontend Devices expert at Dräxlmaier.   

Other European firms such as PEPSICO (Spain), TRANSPORTES AZKAR (Spain), SUIKER UNIE (The Netherlands) and DSV (UK) are also using the Zetes service platform.

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