Machine Vision

100% accurate receiving and shipping

Machine vision for supply chain enables 100% verification accuracy for the receiving, shipping and loading of pallets. It ensures complete and correct fulfilment throughout production, distribution and retail operations.

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100% accurate Receiving and Shipping

Discover how our patented use of machine vision dramatically reduces loading time of outbound shipments

100% accurate Receiving and Shipping

Budvar addresses rising global demand efficiently with ZetesMedea

Brewers of the world famous beer brand – has invested in ZetesMedea loading verification technology in their new state-of-the-art automated warehouse. The solution optimises outbound logistics efficiency using advanced camera-based technology to ensure 100% shipping accuracy.

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Benefits of machine vision in supply chain

Efficient, automated outbound logistics verification

Speed and accuracy are more vital than ever for today’s logistics operations. Machine vision is a unique and key technology within our ZetesMedea warehouse execution solution to help you to stay in control of your inbound and outbound logistics. It optimises your goods receiving and shipping processes to ensure that you will eradicate errors whilst boosting efficiency and cost savings.

Reduce operational costs and increase profitability through zero shipping errors

  • Achieve 100% accuracy of shipments – inbound and outbound
  • Speed up loading/unloading at the dock door
  • Eradicate costly mis-ship fines from supply chain stakeholders
  • Reduce order lead times and faster shipping turnarounds

Maximise process efficiency through automated data capture

  • Simplify loading processes and eliminating manual effort
  • Reduce pallet scanning times to mere seconds
  • Automate matching and verification of labels against data in WMS/ERP systems
  • Gain immediate, real-time visual identification of incorrect items
  • Achieve evidence based shipping compliance with visual image data bank verification

Loading Verification

  • 100% vehicle loading accuracy
  • Rapid, efficient verification of pallet loading
  • Reduced labour, admin and logistics costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Fast ROI

Are the correct pallets on the right truck?