Why choose Zetes as your trusted partner? 

Intelligent, agile process execution for today and tomorrow

Today's warehouse environment needs the agility to be able to respond dynamically to customer needs which are changing faster every day. Warehouse processes must be executed in the most optimal and accurate way to ensure fast delivery of the right products in the right quantity.

Whilst addressing these challenges, ZetesMedea enables complete real-time visibility of critical processes in the warehouse to provide full operational control of the order fulfilment journey from goods receipt to shipment, as well as capturing the essential information needed for full traceability.

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We are your technology partner for the end-to-end connected supply chain.

Meet the challenges of today and tomorrow by enabling agile, scalable warehouse efficiency. With Zetes complete warehouse execution suite, you will be able to overcome any operational challenges with best-fit technology and real-time data capture solutions.

Ship The Perfect Order

  • Increased speed accuracy in every process
  • Optimise workflow agility
  • Maximise worker productivity
  • Enable fast ramp-up of temporary workers

Decrease Fulfilment Costs

  • See tasks and progress in real time
  • Reduce order cycle time
  • Increase site capacity
  • Manage serialized product efficiently for full track and trace


Seamless integration and extended functionality of your WMS or ERP

ZetesMedea seamlessly extends the functionality of your existing WMS or ERP systems. It fills critical process and visibility gaps, mobilising your workforce and where required. will extend the business logic of your host system in a quick and cost effective way.

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Scalable Approach

ZetesMedea provides an agile, modular approach to optimising specific warehouse processes. This enables you to scale as your business grows, adding functionality when you are ready.

Cloud Based or On-Premise

ZetesMedea rus in the cloud or on our premises. Our mobile applications are powered by our cloud-based Mobile Enterprise Application Platform, dedicated to supply chain execution, enabling you to efficiently manage your entire hardware estate and software applications.

Local Support, every step of the way

Through our international network of offices we provide you with local service. We support you every step of the way, from consultancy, project management and fully managed service provision right through to our in-house maintenance and repair services.



Flawless packaging serialisation in your manufacturing plant.



Zero errors, high productivity fulfilment through your logistics operations



Perfect delivery execution for real-time transport visibility

Direct Store

Direct Store

Efficient service through an empowered Direct Store Distribution team



Maximised performance and sales in your retail stores

Learn more about our Warehouse Solutions

ZetesMedea is a proven and well established warehouse software for large and small companies across EMEA.

Whether you run a manufacturing warehouse, manage a retail stock room or operate a network of distribution centres our warehousing and distribution solutions can help you. Consult our references and discover what we could do to optimise your operations.

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