Tel-Aviv (Israel) 14 June 2022 – Globrands LTD., one of the leading retail distribution companies in Israel within the Food & Tobacco sectors, has selected ZetesMedea to empower its employees with state-of-the-art voice technology for picking and inventory counting execution. 

Globrands was founded in 2000 by a team of executives with the vision of creating a unique system that meets comprehensively the needs of the local market along with multinational corporations within Food, Tobacco sectors. In 2006 the company moved to a direct distribution model rather than relying on 3rd party services. Currently Globrands operates two principal Logistical Centres (central and northern Israel) from where they serve their wide network of customers: food chains, convenience stores, kiosks, and additional selling points. 

Technological innovation for process improvements

To fulfil Globrand’s innovative business vision of empowering its workforce through the smart adoption of technology, it has introduced the latest ZetesMedea multi-modal voice solution in its warehouse operations. Historically, Globrands had used more conventional mobile computing devices to undertake critical order picking and inventory counting processes.  Due to repetitive key board data entry and a lot of screen focussed activity, productivity and accuracy was not being maximised. After implementing ZetesMedea Voice, operators are now able to operate hands-free and are responsively guided by voice command throughout the entire task execution processes. As a result, Globrands has reported a considerable reduction in pick time per order, reduced picking errors and higher inventory counting accuracy.  

User friendly and high-quality solution

In addition, the voice recognition characteristics along with a multi-modal mobile interface and an Android operating system proved that ZetesMedea voice was the most intuitive and easy to learn, also for new pickers and operators. Meirav Hadari, Chief Information Officer at Globrands says: “The decision to choose Zetes as the voice solution provider was taken largely due to their extensive and proven high-quality experience for implementing integrated supply chain and extensive voice picking expertise. Zetes was able to fully adapt the system to the operating work environment of our logistic centres, and quickly complete the integration to our WMS system. These proved to be impactful to fulfilling our growing customer demand satisfactorily as well as resulting in a relatively fast ROI for our business”. Amir Alon, Chief Executive Officer at Globrands, commented: “since implementing ZetesMedea multi-modal voice, Globrands has increased by approximately 15% its uptime efficiency in the Logistical Centres”. 


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