5 Key Steps to Supply Chain Visibility

In today’s demand driven network, end-to-end supply chain visibility has become a must for many manufacturers and retailers. This white paper explores the reasons behind the need for supply chain visibility and explains how to achieve it in 5 easy steps.

End-to-end supply chain visibility is an urgent goal in many manufacturing and retail supply chains, as they grapple with increasing complexity and ever more demanding customer expectations.

According to an Aberdeen Group report published in 2013: “Supply Chain execution and responsiveness require the tight synchronisation of supply and demand as well as the orchestration of the three flows of commerce – the movement of goods, information, funds – across an increasingly large number of logistics and trading partners spanning wide global areas.

“It requires supply chain visibility – defined as the awareness of, and control over specific information related to product orders and physical shipments, including transport and logistics activities, and the statuses of events and milestones.

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