In the context of the production of the Belgian eID card, Zetes is looking to enforce their development team with a engineer focussed on the windows environment and a software engineer who is focussed on the linux environment. As a second environment, both software engineers will also come in contact with the OS X environment.

The candidate will become part of a small team of 4-5 persons, which in its turn is part of a software development group within Zetes of about 45 people in size.

The job content will be to develop and maintain the Belgian eID middleware as it is made available to the Belgian public by the Belgian government. You will be in contact with the business analyst at Zetes and the 2nd line servicedesk of the government.


  • C/C++
  • Java or C#
  • Obj-C
  • Javascript
  • Script languages (e.g. bash, ...)
  • Strong knowledge in either Windows or Linux environment and preferably OS X.

At least prior experience in C or C++ is required, other languages can be learned “on-the-job” in case the candidate is not familiar with that language. Also prior experience on software development on either Windows OR OS X or Linux is required.

Nice to have:

  • Knowledge of crypto-modules/libraries like PKCS#11, mini-driver, CTKToken (mac). Those modules are used f.i. by applications like web-browsers, office applications for doing crypto-operations using a X.509 certificate.
  • Experience with building user interfaces and some feeling with the user experience (UX) of the user facing applications (e.g. eID viewer)
  • Knowledge of PKI in general

Strong analytical skills is a must have for these this job. The candidate will coming in contact with quite some different combinations of OS’s and applications using the eID, and the candidate should be able to
analyse and handle issues if they occur. 

The candidate should have several years of experience in software development and is fluent in English and preferably also in French OR Dutch.

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