We’re looking for a confident marketing professional who is well organised, generalist, easy to approach and a real team player. You enjoy helping others and making the team and the company look great. You can cope last-minute changes and love to be in touch with lots of colleagues daily within a multinational environment.

Goal of the function


  • Planning and budget: To support delivery of the corporate marketing programmes; being responsible for planning and following up on high impact marketing programmes
  • Communication: Managing the intranet and internal communications, together with delivering support in PR and the newsletters
  • Social media: developing and planning the social media calendar, together with administering employee advocacy


The philosophy of the Corporate Marketing Coordinator is to guide, help and assist anyone in the corporate team and all the local marketers. ‘Efficient’ is your middle name. The planning needs to be created and carefully followed up on in all steps of the process. From the content creation, the design, the translations, the proofreadings, and the handover to the digital team to even print runs, everyone needs to feel respected and needs to have enough space and comfort to do the best job. As a Corporate Marketing Coordinator, you make this happen. You have to make it easy for everyone to do a great (marketing) job.

The Corporate Marketing Coordinator also manages the company’s intranet. It is key to upload all the marketing assets there and keep the content fresh and alive by adding weekly news and other internal communications (like customer references, Zetes clippings, recaps of our programmes …).

Next to all this, the Corporate Marketing Manager assist the PR & Comms Manager, taking care of the PR distribution, prepare monthly PR performance reporting, making everything available for the PR agencies. Next to that, you also facilitate and assist in the creation and follow up of the newsletters.

Being passionate about social media -and LinkedIn in particular- will definitely help you in developing and planning the social media calendar and guiding colleagues in the use of the employee advocacy tool and the reporting of that.

Duties and responsabilities

Work with the corporate team. As part of the corporate team and as the ‘generalist’ of the team, you assist and facilitate the Digital Marketing Manager and the PR & Comms Manager. You will guide the team and make sure nobody loses sight of the bigger picture.

Work with the local teams. As a coordinator, you will have close contact with the local marketers of the group in guiding and advising them and requesting their input and collaboration to build the programmes in their languages. You’ll manage 11 languages and have contact with about 20 local marketing colleagues.

In any case, you keep the overview, also in requests coming in from all over the group and the marketing inbox. You prioritize and make sure nothing is left behind and everyone is taken care of.

Knowledge, experience and skills

  • Marketing professional, ideally a generalist who knows a bit of everything there is to know in a marketing department
  • Project manager with strong organisational skills (efficient, planner, pragmatic)
  • Proven ability to manage multinational, integrated marketing campaigns
  • Transparent and honest, everyone needs to feel comfortable approaching you. You are often the first point of contact for marketing within the company.
  • Team player: You care for the team and the projects to get things done in a way that’s comfortable for everyone.
  • Flexible to manage ad hoc projects and last-minute changes
  • Fluent in English (working language)

If you think you could be a good match, please send your resume to and