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It’s not time to explore just yet

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Every journey starts with a destination in mind. The drive for greater efficiency and productivity ends with an upturn in revenue and satisfied customers. So let’s speed up the rate of progress.

At Zetes and Panasonic our goal is to show you how intelligent technology can be applied to the end-to-end delivery process – from first mile to last mile – to optimise your operation across four key locations:

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The drive for faster, smarter, and more efficient fulfilment operations is the key to competitive advantage. From removing manual paperwork, streamlining workflows and optimising operator productivity, to removing cost and minimising errors, this is a journey that starts at the warehouse.

Transforming operations requires being able to make easy changes to processes and harnessing technologies that fit neatly into day-to-day operations, and enable you to:

  • Automate and digitise paper processes to speed up workflows and improve accuracy of picking, packing and shipping
  • Rapidly verify correct vehicle loading to maximise ‘right first time’ delivery and support tight shipment schedules
  • Ensure duty of care compliance with compulsory Driver and Vehicle Checks to maintain driver safety and fleet reliability
  • Pro-actively manage delivery performance with data capture of every critical event, whilst eliminating the inefficiencies of paper-based activity and dispute resolution.

Does your current process ensure maximum efficiency even at peak periods? Are you aware how many shipping errors you are making? Is the technology you are using rugged enough for the environment?


It’s on the road that the availability of real-time data is a major differentiator. That’s because the close integration of critical delivery event data with rugged communications technology enables resilient, dynamic performance and responsiveness.

  • Manage permanent and temporary drivers with clear step-by-step workflows specific to each delivery or collection
  • Enable instant access to delivery status information, including job status, driver location, incidents and KPI adherence
  • Dynamically notify drivers of ‘inflight’ updates, including traffic incidents, collections and transfers
  • Provide integrated maps with ‘turn-by-turn’ navigation and GPS locationing
  • Deliver always-on optimum real-time data connectivity with advanced cellular antenna technology

Is there connectivity issues when your devices on are the road? Are you able to simply communicate with drivers at any stage of the delivery cycle? Are you able to capture multiple proof of delivery requirements depending on the customer?


From sorting, collection, payment and unattended deliveries: there can often be much to complete at the delivery destination. Guiding drivers with tailored, intuitive workflows ensures that they are equipped to deliver an efficient and error-free service.

It’s about optimising what they can control, reacting dynamically to what they can’t, and ensuring the right capabilities are on hand to:

  • Streamline the delivery process with step-by-step workflows tailored to customer, attended/non-attended, product type and contract requirements
  • Confirm deliveries, collections and payments with time stamped proof of presence or eID capture
  • Record attendance, shortages or damages utilising the scanning and photo capture.
  • Automatically update back-office systems to enable same-day invoicing
  • Process returns and replacements the same day, improving efficiency, customer service and cash flow
  • Track all returnable assets to maximise asset pools, minimising loss and replacement expenditure
  • Capture customer satisfaction feedback for continuous service improvement

Can you provide secure, digitally proven socially distant delivery? Do you have people searching paperwork to prove delivery? Can you create ad-hoc collections at a customers site?


Returning to base completes the fulfilment process. But it doesn’t end the important flow of information that needs analysing to ensure performance improvement. This includes detailed performance reports, comparing actual performance to SLA’s and other key KPI’s, alongside wider management reports that provide an overview into what is really happening with the fleet.

Again, speed and simplicity matter when accessing this data, to ensure maximum efficiency you need:

  • End of run unloading verification for inventory reallocation or returns processing
  • Management dashboards with full drill-down into role-specific data groups and KPIs to generate intelligence across all critical delivery events
  • Instant access to incidents, customer survey responses
  • Regulatory compliance where required, such as full audit trail, track & trace and product verification, decommissioning and transfer

Are you able to work to clear KPIs? Is your end of day reporting digital and instantly available? Can you integrate any compliance into your current business processes?