Boost your warehouse performance with ZetesMedea Voice

1. Trained and Untrained voice platform

Thanks to the MCL Voice platform from MCL™ Technologies, Zetes offers an untrained approach. This means that the system is speaker-independent and will adapt to different voice patterns from various picking operators. This can prove to be very useful in a seasonal and multi-location environment, to limit the time required in re-training temporary or distanced staff.

2. Direct or middleware integration

ZetesMedea Voice acts as an extension of the ERP/WMS: We offer direct integration where possible, and add the business logic (by middleware) where necessary.

3. SAP certified integration

ZetesMedea plugs into any leading WMS/ERP system, including SAP.

Logo sap certified

4. Runs on all leading mobile devices

ZetesMedea Voice runs on all leading mobile devices. ZetesMedea voice picking supports voice-only process (where voice is the only interface), but also combines with input from other multiple manufacturers' peripherals, such as terminal touchscreen, keyboard, barcode or RFID scanner (in a multi-modal approach).