Whether it is goods temperature control or pallet loading control, RFID can help you optimise a wide range of processes. Based on your needs, our specialists will advise you on the best fit solutions that may integrate RFID only, or that may combine it with other technologies. In some cases, ImageID (Vision technology) can generate better results than RFID. Get in touch with us to know more about the best fit for your business process.

Optimise your processes with RFID:

Returnable Asset Tracking

  • Reduce internal cost
  • Appropriate re-invoicing when assets are lost/unreturned
  • Manage assets’ lifecycle
  • 100% visibility on your pool

Pallet Loading Control (Dock Door Control)

  • Faster loading and quality control
  • 100% accurate shipments
  • Automated approach, easy to use
  • Pictures give visual proof of load and condition

Inventory Management

  • Fast scanning of items
  • Real-time stock accuracy
  • Fast product localisation
  • No human intervention during goods-in process
  • Improve customer service

Cold Chain Management

  • Closely monitor goods’ temperature
  • Comply with traceability requirements
  • Prevent waste
  • Optimise shelf life management