Fast, efficient and reliable labelling solution for Socigeste

State-of-the-art label applicator system guarantees traceability. Reliable traceability is critical in the food industry, that much is sure. And when your company produces up to 22,000 meals a day, speed and efficiency are just as important. Which is why Socigeste, a subsidiary of the catering group Trivalor, opted for the expertise, experience and advanced technologies of Zetes when updating its labelling system.

  • Client:
  • Industry:
    Food & Beverages
  • Process:
    Product identification and serialisation
  • Technology:

Speed is everything

Socigeste’s meal trays are worthless without a label containing essential information such as production date, used by date and the relevant delivery details. To guarantee the traceability of all its products while boosting the efficiency and productivity of its production line, Socigeste needed a fast, robust label application solution.

A robust solution

The solution came in the form of an advanced label applicator designed and manufactured by the Zetes Group. The total solution has already brought significant improvements to Socigeste’s production line:

  • guaranteed traceability of all food products
  • extremely fast and secure label application
  • automatic container recognition
  • controlled application pressure for fragile containers
  • customised controller software with integrated central database

Advanced technology

Zetes Burótica was chosen to implement Socigeste’s upgrade project on the basis of its experience in developing real-time printing and application solutions. Designed to print and affix labels quickly in the most challenging environments, the applicator combines extremely rapid application with the robust precision require to apply labels reliably to fragile containers.