Vehicle Mounted Terminals

Zetes supply a complete range of fixed vehicle mounted terminals from all the leading brands including Motorola, Intermec, Honeywell, Datalogic and IND. We will advise you on the best truck mounted terminal to suit your needs. Some important considerations when selecting a terminal include:

  • Mounting brackets: The correct way of mounting the terminal is key
  • Screens: Different applications may require different screen sizes, so size does matter
  • Accessories: With hundreds of inputs a day, robust keyboards are a must
  • Standard elements: Terminals that have a standard body yet flexible screens allow harmonisation of the management of your terminal park
  • Cabling: A DC-DC converter attached to the back of the terminal avoids complex montage and facilitates accessibility during maintenance
logo IND

Vehicle mounted terminals IND

  • IND combines technology with enhanced ergonomics in a range of vehicle mounted terminals
  • Zetes is an accredited distributor of IND terminals
logo Motorola (by Zebra)

Vehicle mounted terminals Motorola (by Zebra)

  • Motorola (by Zebra) provide a huge range of vehicle mounted terminals
  • Zetes is a Premium Solution Partner for Motorola (by Zebra) and their biggest partner in EMEA
logo Honeywell

Vehicle mounted terminals Honeywell

  • Honeywell are the biggest manufacturer of vehicle mounted terminals across Europe
  • Zetes is a certified H1 partner for Honeywell
logo Datalogic

Vehicle mounted terminals Datalogic

  • Datalogic provide an excellent range of vehicle mounted terminals
  • Zetes is an accredited reseller of Datalogic terminals