Krispy Kreme chooses ZetesAres Direct Store Delivery (DSD) SaaS solution to improve sales and customer account management

Brussels (Belgium), 20 November 2014 - Zetes (Euronext Brussels: ZTS), has been awarded a 3 year contract to provide its ZetesAres Direct Store Delivery (DSD) solution to Krispy Kreme UK. Renowned for its speciality doughnuts, Krispy Kreme has opted for a SaaS solution powered by the MCL™ Mobility Platform, to ensure ease of deployment and management. Zetes will supply Krispy Kreme with a fully managed service, including hosted software, hardware devices with remote mobile device management and all support services, for a fixed monthly fee.

ZetesAres is an advanced, fully managed Direct Store Delivery (DSD) solution, which has been designed specifically for managing a perishable consumer goods supply chain. It gives manufacturers a high level of control and visibility over delivery and sales processes using a single mobile device, increasing sales revenues and improving demand forecasting. 

Krispy Kreme delivers speciality doughnuts to over 50 retail and 600 wholesale locations throughout the UK and prides itself on the fact that all its products are made and delivered fresh every day. The company operates an accurate demand planning model, capturing real time sales data to ensure the right products are delivered to the right locations each day. In addition to this, Krispy Kreme gives its 650 outlets a high level of flexibility over which items to re-order, while also allowing un-scheduled deliveries. Demand for its products can vary considerably each day, which led Krispy Kreme to select the ZetesAres solution rather than solely operate a rigid, sales driven replenishment model. 

Using ZetesAres, KrispyKreme is able to optimise product availability and operating costs through accurate demand forecasting and waste minimisation. This is achieved by equipping field based workers with mobile devices that capture real-time delivery and collection information. Krispy Kreme are able to accurately forecast demand and manage their on-shelf availability for over 650 locations from a remote location. Un-Scheduled deliveries can be easily managed, giving Krispy Kreme the flexibility to deliver to their UK locations on a daily basis. 

The ZetesAres solution is powered by the MCL Mobility Platform™, a cloud based platform which enables centralised management of mobile applications, devices and users. By adopting this approach, Krispy Kreme will significantly reduce development timescales, deployment costs and the complexity associated with introducing new software in the future. 

“Our investment in ZetesAres will ensure stock management and replenishment is completed efficiently in real-time, allowing us to scale operations quickly as the number of our sales outlets continues to expand. By opting for a fully managed service, Krispy Kreme has immediate access to an advanced supply chain technology infrastructure to help increase revenues, with minimal impact on our existing IT resources and capital expenditure,” says Nicola Fisher, Systems Manager at Krispy Kreme.

“A Direct Store Delivery solution like ZetesAres works perfectly for Krispy Kreme because they have a strong brand and their made-fresh daily products have a very short shelf life. For a company operating a large number of sales outlets, ZetesAres helps to guarantee that products are properly transported, always on the shelf and well displayed, which helps to increase sales levels,” says Marco Malaihollo, Managing Director, Zetes UK.

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