Heuschen & Schrouff prepares for the future with RF

Seamless integration with SAP offers real-time management information. Heuschen & Schrouff Oriental Foods Trading is the market leading distributor of authentic Asian food products in Europe. To fully support its growth, the organization expanded its distribution center in Landgraaf, Holland with some extra 10,000 m², bringing the total warehouse capacity to 30,000 m². This expansion required the installation of a brand new RF system

How did you assess the need for RF in the expanded warehouse?

Pascal Wetzels, Logistics Manager at Heuschen & Schrouff: We decided to rip out the existing network – installed almost ten years ago – and have it replaced by a state-of-the-art RF system. We compared the offers of several suppliers. Zetes undertook a thorough assessment of our wireless network needs. Based on a detailed site survey, the network design Zetes suggested was clearly superior to those of the competition.

What does the RF infrastructure look like?

Pascal Wetzels: The wireless RF infrastructure is based on a Motorola Wireless LAN Switch RFS6000 and 25 mobile LXE MX7 handheld terminals and includes the use of LXE VX6 vehicle mount terminals, enabling use within the cold store sector of the warehouse.

What was the main business driver behind the project?

Pascal Wetzels: Moving from traditional paperwork to RF picking was a big change for us. The RF system optimizes inventory management in the expanded warehouse, among other things, because it allows us to work based on dynamic locations.

The system also integrates with SAP

Pascal Wetzels: correct, and that is a major advantage. Prior to the new implementation, we had access to inventory data only at the end of the working day, when all administrative work was done. Integrating with SAP allows us to follow up all warehouse processes – and manage the logistic flow in real time.

What is the next step you have in mind for the RF environment?

Pascal Wetzels: We migrated to an RF system that is voice ready. In a next step – in about a year from now – we plan to migrate to voice picking. That will offer our employees some extra benefits. Using the voice system, they will gain productivity, working in a completely paperless and hands-free environment.


Picture: http://www.heuschenschrouff.com/retail/nl-NL/861/organisatie.aspx