Better management of mobile devices

Zetes TotalCare helps any organisation to keep costs minimal for a 100% up-time mobility platform.

The number of mobile devices keeps growing. With hardware prices decreasing, the investment in terminals has also become easier. But although purchase has less impact on capex, the rising number of devices puts extra pressure on an organisation’s opex. Maintenance and repair may seriously impact IT budgets. With TotalCare, Zetes provides a management tool for monitoring these maintenance and repair activities, adding functionality for the centralized procurement of new devices and for remote management.

A flexible approach

Zetes TotalCare is offered as a hosted solution, which, as with any other web application, doesn’t need any upfront hardware investment. The organisation can choose the functionality it prefers, tailored to its specific needs. The core of the application is the RMA tool (Return Material Authorisation) which highlights issues encountered with individual devices. Following the analysis of the problem, TotalCare suggests the next step, for example sending the device to the supplier’s repair centre. The tool also contains tailored information about SLAs linked to the device. This way, the organisation can monitor the maintenance or repair status

Smarter puchasing

TotalCare also allows multinational organisations to streamline their purchase processes. Local sites may acquire new mobile devices against centrally negotiated prices, choosing them from a predefined list which reduces the cost and complexity of managing a diverse device fleet. The purchase process is managed centrally but delivery and invoicing are carried out locally. This way, the organisation can keep its budget under control.

Remote management

Finally, Zetes TotalCare offers functionality for the remote management of devices. The organisation monitors the status and availability of its devices, automatically uploads or upgrades application software as well as the operating system. The portal supports any existing mobile device from all leading manufactures, such as Motorola, Intermec, LXE, Psion/Teklogix, Honeywell, Zetes-IND and more.

Zetes TotalCare is a must for any organisation to keep costs minimal for a 100% up-time mobility platform.