Postal & Courier

Delivery times are tight, customer expectations are high. You need to provide real-time visibility whilst keeping costs down to be competitive. Let us help you make the difference.


Ensure correct fulfilment

Ensure correct fulfilment in the warehouse

  • Efficient sorting and dispatching of packages and pallets
  • Error-free order preparation
  • Dock door control ensuring accuracy at the vehicle loading stage

How ZetesMedea can help you

Get real-time visibility

Get real-time visibility on parcels, vehicles and drivers

  • Adhere to tight delivery times
  • Agility to manage last-minute pick-ups and deliveries
  • Communicate ETA’s and incidents to customers instantly

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End-to-end traceability across your supply chain

  • Track any object to any level, track any business event at any stage
  • Aggregate data from different sources of information in one unified data-repository
  • Share information in a collaborative way with all stakeholders

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