Food & Beverages

Secure your production, protect your distribution

Track & label in line with industry standards

Track & label in line with industry standards

  • Mark or label all shapes and volumes: individual food products, packaged food, bottles, cans, bags, trays, boxes, pallets
  • Comply with identification standards and regulations
  • Serialisation, Track & trace, product-box-pallet aggregation

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Protect your distribution channels

Protect your distribution channels

  • Enable fast and efficient order picking
  • Ensure logistics traceability, fight grey markets
  • Guarantee 100% correct shipments

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deliver on time

Deliver on time, in full

  • Avoid delivery errors
  • Track & trace returnable assets, avoid excess stock
  • Gain time and money through effective fleet management

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direct store delivery

Direct Store Delivery

  • Empower field based workers to better manage their customer relationships through real time access to critical data
  • Guarantee products are properly transported, in stock, on the shelf, in the right mix, correctly priced and displayed
  • Improve the quality of the customer service by eliminating errors

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manage in-store

Manage in-store operations efficiently

  • Ensure on-shelf availability
  • Give 100% accurate stock visibility
  • Save time on labour-intensive tasks

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End-to-end traceability across your supply chain

  • Track any object to any level, track any business event at any stage
  • Aggregate data from different sources of information in one unified data-repository
  • Share information in a collaborative way with all stakeholders

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