Proof of Delivery / Proof of Collection

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The right goods at the right customer, at the right time

Timely and accurate deliveries are key to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. Zetes’ Proof of Delivery (POD) solutions help you to get the right goods to the right customers, at the right time and at an optimal cost, while ensuring optimal traceability due to fast and accurate registration.

Mobile and fixed solutions

Mobile POD Solution

Operators are equipped with mobile computers and printers that communicate in real-time with your host system. Benefit from:

  • real-time visibility on goods, carriers, and drivers on the move
  • better customer service thanks to digital signatures, less paperwork, and real-time printed delivery vouchers
  • fewer claims and discussions thanks to images showing delivery status
  • improved workflows thanks to flexible route planning
  • fewer errors with real-time instructions

Fixed POD Solution

A smart combination of technologies helps you avoid delivery mistakes. Goods labelled with RFID or barcodes are read by a terminal at the reception area and compared to the delivery information stored on a smartcard the delivery agent has received. Faults are detected instantly while reception of goods is registered and confirmed to the dispatcher. Benefit from:

  • increased accuracy: mistakes are detected instantly on delivery
  • cost-efficiency: less costly returns and claims
  • visibility: reception and return information is stored on the smartcard and in a repository
  • easy installation: compact design, no integration required

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