Order Picking

Increase accuracy and productivity with streamlined order picking processes

Order picking is by far the most costly operation in the warehouse. Zetes offers solutions based on either RF or voice recognition technologies, that can help you:

  • increase productivity
  • ensure accuracy
  • reduce walking
  • enhance flexible resource management
  • reduce administration

A solution adapted to your needs

Depending on your requirements, our specialists will advise you on the order picking solution that best fits your processes and environments. Zetes’ order picking solution helps you optimise a variety of operations, such as picking to conveyor, pick and pack, pick to tote, cross-docking, and more.

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Voice picking or RF-picking?

Ensure full visibility of your material flows

After the order is prepared, Zetes helps you ensure full traceability along your supply chain :

By introducing voice picking we have reduced our errors to only 5 per 10,000.

Nicole Arnould, Doyen Auto

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3iV Crystal

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