D.Logistics modernises IT infrastructure for greater agility and performance

Complete solution built to address specific needs

When logistics provider, D.Logistics Waremme expanded its warehouse in 2009 by an additional 10,000 pallets, it sought a reliable partner for the supply and implementation of new wireless network infrastructure, mobile terminals and printers, and label applicators. After a thorough evaluation of the various options, D.Logistics chose Zetes on the strength of their proven track record and clear technological expertise.

Comprehensive support

Reliable, efficient IT support is essential for any automated warehouse. To streamline connectivity with the central WMS system, Zetes provided comprehensive IT support for D.Logistics’ manual handling operations in the form of 30 mobile handheld terminals, 12 compact RF-driven printers, 10 desktop label printers and 2 Powersys printer/applicators. The applicators are equipped with highly advanced Zebra 170 PAX print modules to meet the different labelling requirements of D.Logistics’ two main transport lines.

Tailor-made infrastructure and implementation

Zetes’ solution was based on a thorough assessment of both D.Logistics Waremme’s existing logistics processes and the company’s future needs. The proposed system offers many benefits: 

  • Full integration with existing SAP/ERP and WMS systems
  • Extremely fast flow rate of up to 120 items per hour
  • Automatic pallet measurement and label positioning
  • Robust modular design adapted to high-volume demands
  • Built-in monitor for automatic backup labelling if required

Modular solution, flexible operations

The new system has not only resulted in considerably fewer errors but also provides greater stability and flexibility to respond to short-term fluctuations in volume. In the past, D.Logistics’ forklift trucks, scanners, computers and keyboards formed a single unit. If one of those devices failed to work, the entire unit was offline. As all devices now function independently, D.Logistics’ can deploy the available technology with greater flexibility and efficiency.

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The professionals at Zetes very quickly detected the needs of our company and arrived at the right solutions for our applications. They quickly helped us with small problems or questions that arose afterwards, too.

Ronald Schrooten, General Manager, D.Logistics Waremme

Processes optimised


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