Zetes TotalCare

Deliver outstanding customer service with an always available mobile infrastructure

To guarantee your customers optimal service, your operators in the field need to be able to rely on your mobile platform at all times. In multi-site or multi-national projects, involving a great many mobile workers and significant mobile infrastructure, ensuring 100% availability is not always easy. For example,

  • do you always have updated location-information of your devices ?
  • do you know the status of each device in a repair-cycle ?
  • can you efficiently update applications or operating systems across your whole installed base ?
  • are you pre-warned when security or battery-health issues occur ?
  • do you have a clear overview of contract-expiration dates?

With the Zetes TotalCare Service, facing these challenges becomes easy. TotalCare helps you managing your mobile platform most efficiently, while keeping maintenance and repair costs at a minimum.

A flexible platform tailored to your needs.

TotalCare is a flexible solution that consists of 4 modules:

  • Asset Management
  • Online Shoppinglist
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Reporting

According to your needs, you select the module(s) that suit you best, which are then tailored to your specific requirements.

Main benefits at a glance

  • Optimised repair cycles: well defined workflows ensure Return Material Authorisation (RMA) is handled most efficiently and less mistakes are made whilst ensuring you of total online visibility
  • Better asset-management: multi-level asset-management and centrally managed buffer stocks reduce loss of equipment and limit the initial investment
  • Near perfect availability: well-defined procedures increase the manageability of your industrial IT equipment resulting in optimised availability
  • Improved ease of use: adapted to multi-user environments, various users have access to different information according to their profile and your IT team can remotely update applications and/or operating systems.

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