Shareholders Structure

Based on the notifications received up until until December 31, 2013, the shareholders’ structure is as follows:

Without exercise of options:


Number of shares


 Zephir (in concert with Cobepa)  1,277,495  23.70%
 Cobepa (in concert with Zephir)  1,329,655  24.67%
 AXA Belgium   199,453  3.70%
 Other nominative shareholders   8,641  0.16%
 Public  2,340,148  43.42%
 Own shares  234,222   4.35%
 TOTAL   5,389,714  100%


Including exercise of options: 


Number of shares %
Zephir (in concert with Cobepa) 1,277,495 22.92%
Cobepa (in concert with Zephir) 1,329,655 23.85%
AXA Belgium 199,453 3.58%
Other nominative shareholders 8,641 0.16%
Employees 184,669 3.31%
Public 2,340,148 41.98%
Own shares 234,322 4.20%
TOTAL 5,574,383 100%


Transparency Declaration 

 Ratio Capital Management BV  [1230 KB]
 Concert Zephir Cobepa (update avril 2012)  [594 KB]
 AXA S.A.   [112.8 KB]
 Concert Zephir Cobepa  [249.2 KB]

Note: Except for the above mentioned information, the Company has not received any other notification of any ownership of shares of more than 3% in compliance with the articles of association.


Notification Art. 74 of the Law of April 1st 2007

According to Article 74 of the Law of April 1st 2007 on takeover bids, Zetes Industries SA  received notifications from following shareholders which include all legally required statements and in particular mention that acting in concert with other people since November 21st 2005. These shareholders own more than 30% of the voting securities issued by the company:

a) Zéphir Corporation SA, a corporation organized under the laws of Belgium acting in concert with Copeba SA.;

b) Copeba SA. a corporation organized under the laws of Belgium acting in concert with Zéphir Corporation SA. 



Update on December 31, 2013.


Description of the ZETES INDUSTRIES SA denominator 

 Total of shares representing the capital  5,389,714
 Total of Shares with effective voting rights  5,389,714
 Total of voting rights (= Denominator)  5,389,714



 Option plan 2005 / exercise price 23 €    181.869
 Option plan 2005 / exercise price 22,63 €  2.800
 Outstanding on December 31, 2013  184,669


Notification threshold

Next to the legal thresholds an additional statutory threshold has been fixed at 3%.

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