In processes such as asset tracking or shipment verification the use of RFID can bring significant benefits. Zetes works with partners such as Zebra Honeywell, and other RFID-specialised providers, to offer any type of

  • RFID tags (Low, high and ultra-high frequency; passive or active)
  • Handheld RFID readers / devices
  • RFID gates
  • RFID printers
  • RFID smart card readers
  • RFID labels and smart cards
  • Vehicle Mounted RFID readers

Attention: depending on your business process, the use of Vision technology might bring you greater efficiency and cost-savings. Our specialists will be happy to advise you.


logo Motorola (by Zebra)

RFID Readers from Zebra

  • Zetes can supply specialist Zebra RFID readers and RFID Gates
  • Zetes is a Premium Solution Partner for Zebra and their biggest partner in EMEA
logo Honeywell

RFID Readers from Honeywell

  • Zetes can supply specialist Honeywell RFID readers and RFID Gates
  • Zetes is a certified H1 partner for Honeywell
  • View the most popular Honeywell RFID Technology

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